Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Gain more insight into a project’s constructability by having greater cost predictability, improved timeline scheduling, and much more.

The Power of Outsourcing BIM to the Philippines

BIM provides insight into a project’s constructability by offering greater cost predictability, improved timeline scheduling, decreasing errors, allowing for realistic visualizations and much more! When you employ our BIM outsourcing services in the Philippines you will save on labor costs, experience reduced project risk which, will result in even more savings as well as gain greater oversight over the entire project.

Benefits of Working with Architect Outsourcing

Enhanced Collaboration

With BIM, our designers create digital 3D models that include date associated with physical and functional characteristics of the project. The power of 3D modeling created with BIM allows architects, engineers and contractors to collaborate more efficiently.

Real-Time Updates

The data in a design model defines the design elements and establishes behavior and relationships between design elements so when an element in a project is changed or updated, the whole model is updated with the new changes appearing in section, elevation and sheet views.

Improved Insight

You can use the information in the model to improve design before its built. You can also use the model to do in-depth analysis as well as for marketing, using realistic visualizations.

Retain Model Intelligence

Most importantly BIM can help you retail model intelligence by minimizing change orders, reducing coordination issues, providing extra documentation and ultimately helping to automate the construction process.