Architectural Drafting



Drafting is the main component of any architectural project. Conveniently outsource your AutoCAD drafting needs to professionals so that your team can concentrate on other major architectural tasks. With the right team, your vision can take shape with their collaborative effort to deliver the work to you on schedule and according to your specifications. An architectural draft that you can turn to to guide all phases and stages of construction from procurement of materials to building.

Working AutoCAD Outsourcing 2D model

Having a working model in the form of a pen and paper drawing effectively informs builders and contractors on the work they need to do. It also provides architects a clear, basic visual representation of their idea which they could outsource to drafters who are employed specifically for this task.

Latest in design technology

We rev the process with powerful drafting software to model your design concept. We complete this mission-critical process with comprehensive services ranging from drawing and drafting the layout, floor plan, interior design, drainage, elevation, and other models you wish to outsource to our AutoCAD team.

Experienced team

Trust us to deliver the drafting of your design concept. Our offshore team takes their expertise to a whole new level to render your plan into fruition. We combine years of experience transforming our clients’ blueprints, notes, sketches into a draft using provided/or your choice of software.

Cost-effective and efficient

When you outsource architectural modeling, drawing, and drafting with us, you can save on overhead costs of maintaining an in-house team at your office space, have quicker turnaround time, and access to an extended knowledge base of foreign industry practices and the latest software and technology.