Most businesses in the AEC industry view quantity surveying as an additional and oftentimes unnecessary expense. Most construction companies see these management services as a luxury component. Often times only used in the commercial sector creating large developments.

It is true hiring a full time quantity surveyor can lead to a very expensive and underutilized employee. Good news is that there are other options for completing valuations. The recent introduction of outsourcing quantity surveying opens the door for everyone in the AEC industry to take advantage of these important services that are crucial to managing project budgets.

4 Reasons to Outsource Quantity Surveying

  1. Set Budget. Without getting into the importance of setting a proper budget, an outsourced quantity survey service will make sure the construct project has a realistic and manageable budget. This budget provides detailed analysis of all labor costs, materials, fees from professionals and any other charges that could possibly arise during the duration of the project. This information is crucial for creating a budget that will take into account the most cost-effective material and labor costs. Outsourcing companies have provided valuations for hundreds of different projects which results in more accurate estimates. They will provide possible unexpected costs with a plan on overcoming the obstacle if the situation should occur.
  1. Set Schedule. Outsourcing companies that offer quantity surveying services include professional project managers. They are constantly monitoring the progress to make sure everything is happening on schedule. Project managers can handle shortcomings and unexpected delays with no problem. They know everything needed to get the project back on track and meet the deadline.
  1. Peace of Mind. Many things that lead to stress in the AEC industry can not be outsourced. This means it is always beneficial to get as much stuff off the plate as possible. Leaving quantity surveying to a third-party gives assurance that the project is being handled in the most efficient way possible. Companies need not to worry about setting budgets and deadlines which gives them more time to focus on creating quality construction projects for their clients to admire.
  1. Client Relationships. The outsourced quantity surveying team will handle all of the negotiations for the construction project. The experience they possess gives them the tools they need to fight for the best possible price without ruining their clients reputation. Breaking the news that a client’s request is not within the budget is the outsourcing company’s responsibility.

Architectural Outsourcing

Outsourcing quantity surveying is the best way of getting high standard projects utilizing the best cost management practices. In-depth expertise in AEC allows them to work with clients at all stages of the development and provide sound advice. They are experts in dealing with the value, risk options and costs associated with construction projects.

Outsourced Quantity Surveying Services

  • Value Management – This process ensures the required project functions come with the best quality and best value for the money spent. The lowest cost oftentimes are not the best value.
  • Valuation of Construction – This basic but very important service ensures companies stay within their budget by accurately calculating the payment due to the contractor based on the percentage of completed work each month.
  • Life Cycle Costs – Initial evaluations of costs are never going to equal the actual costs of a completed project. Throughout the projects’s lifecycle costs will be constantly adjusted. Updated costs help stockholders in choosing alternative options for the project. Get the best value out of the set budget!
  • Procurement Methods – The outsourcing company has the expertise and knowledge to get the perfect contractor in-place and best supplies for the project. Competitive tendering is just one of the strategic ways these quantity surveyors use to get the best price.
  • Cost Planning – The most common service a quantity surveyor provides is cost planning which assists everyone involved to stay within their allocated budget. The agreed upon estimates are set for designers, architects and engineers which helps monitor their costs throughout the projects lifecycle.