In most cases it is beneficial to outsource your infrequent tasks instead of hiring a full time employee. You can save money and get the access to the skills you need for your company to succeed. But just like any other business decision, choosing to outsource 3D rendering projects will have risks and challenges.

You basically have two options of going about getting your 3D rendering completed: hire an in-house employee or outsource. Most SME businesses choose to outsource since they rarely have enough projects to employ a full time 3D visualizer.

Whether this is your first time outsourcing or you are an outsourcing advocate this information is a must read. Before you start shopping around for your outsource company or 3D freelancer it is important for you to know the challenges you will face when outsourcing your 3D rendering.

4 Challenges When Outsourcing 3D Rendering

1. No Control.One of the biggest outsourcing challenges with 3D rendering is the loss of visibility and control of your project. Communication is drastically reduced when outsourcing since your in-house management is no longer in control. This leads to deadlines being missed and other unexpected and undesirable results. It will become extremely costly if you lose control over your outsourced project.

2. Data Security. Though 3D rendering services are offered only after getting into a contract that includes non-disclosure terms, there is no sure way you can guarantee that your sensitive data has not been shared with other people. You lose complete control over over data security and theft of confidential information when you outsource.

3. Lack of Communication. The most discussed fallbacks with outsourcing any task is the lapse in communication which can be especially frustrating with 3D rendering. Your 3D visualization service provider will offer various mediums for contacting them along with 24/7 support. Even so, there will still be times when you are unable to reach them right when you need them. The main reason for this lapse in communication results from the outsource company being busy working on other projects or the difference in holiday schedules for the overseas country.

4. Lack of Clarity. There will be some misinterpretation by your overseas team when you outsource your 3D architectural rendering. How involved you will be with the project, the deadlines and number of versions or revisions required can all be lost in translation. This lack in clarity can lead to a lot of unnecessary delays and rework.

Steps to minimize or eliminate these challenges are available if you are still considering on outsourcing 3D rendering projects. If you use appropriate risk management techniques and proper planning outsourcing can definitely be a successful way to get your 3D rendering needs completed to your standards.