Will Blac Chyna’s Project with Michael Lehrer Be a Flop or Masterpiece?

Blac Chyna hired architect Michael Lehrer in Los Angeles to put her dream home into a reality. So one might wonder what would the model and clothing designer possibly be dreaming up. She sat down with Mr. Lehrer to go over a few of the nontraditional things that Blac Chyna’s project must include. Besides her house being all-glass the number one thing on her list was to have her name spelled out in topiary so it is the first thing people see when they visit her home.

Next was the requirement for a 10 car garage well two five car garages on opposite ends of the home. One garage for her black cars and one garage for her white cars.


She will also include a storage warehouse of her products attached to her home along with a helicopter pad. The entire house will have marble floors and at least one of the rooms will be completely white.

Blac Chyna also requested that a secret “sex room” be designed that will be accessed by pushing a button in her walk-in closet. If this wasn’t already over the top enough she ends by asking to include a room that houses a huge “pimped-out” vault that can hold her money.

Blac Chyna’s Project

While this project may sound completely absurd and a sure disaster, it is highly unlikely Mr. Lehrer would take on something like this if he didn’t have ideas to make it great. He is an icon in the architect community and has over 30 design awards from The American Institute of Architects which proves Blac Chyna has one of the best on her side.

I am exciting to see how this project will affect the latest trends in celebrity homes. Gone are the days of just including shoe closets and wine rooms to getting a house showcased on Mtv Cribs. I would say Blac Chyna’s home is going to be a masterpiece that will change how people will view a true dream home moving forward.

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