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Why you Should Outsource your Quantity Surveying

Most businesses in the AEC industry view quantity surveying as an additional and oftentimes unnecessary expense. Most construction companies see these management services as a luxury component. Often times only used in the commercial sector creating large developments. It is true hiring a full time quantity surveyor can lead to a very expensive and underutilized […]

Top Sketchup Plugins for Architecture (BIM)

SketchUp is one of the most popular 3D modeling software used in architecture. The interface is pretty straightforward which makes it easy to use engineers, designers and architects to accomplish what they need. SketchUp’s limited interface and ease of use does kind of restrict its abilities in its basic setup. As work starts to get […]

How BIM Can Save BIG Money on Your Next Architectural Project

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is emerging as a transformative technology that greatly enhances construction company’s built assets and infrastructure and provide a significant boost to their profit. BIM is a digital 3D model-based representation for the complete physical and functional characteristics of a construction project. The workflow and thought process differs from AutoCAD since the BIM […]

Why are so Many Filipinos Studying AutoCAD These Days

Outsourcing in the construction industry has been on a steady rise due to the world’s heavy reliance on technology and increasing demand for design and detailing work. Computer aided design and drafting using AutoCAD is one of the construction processes that continues to be outsourced more and more to the Philippines. This is why so many Filipinos […]

Ways You can Optimize Collaboration for Your Architectural Projects

Improving architectural collaboration is one of the most beneficial and important strategies to having a successful and on-time completed project. With these type of large projects there are always multiple experts involved that have different disciplines and responsibilities that have usually never worked together before. With the heavy amount of coordination amongst each other required to […]