About Us

Long story short

Architect Outsourcing is your back office service provider for your design implementation needs. Our team leader, Terrence Hannam, a seasoned architectural project manager from New Zealand with over 35 years of experience, will oversee your team and give technical oversight as required. Our outsourced architects give you the leverage to take your design concepts to fruition.

We bring you a suite of architectural and design services with the right people to help turn your projects to completion!

How it Works

We thoroughly assess your needs and build a team for you as your requirements dictate. With our back-office services, you can closely monitor the progress of your projects and make revisions with your team throughout the process. Either on the cloud or through the collaborative software of your choice, you are firmly in control of your projects.

Why we do it

Costs Savings

We can dramatically lower your overhead costs by taking advantage of the low salary cap in the Philippines but also by saving on the holding costs of in-house staff as well as the costs of maintaining office infrastructure. You can usually expect to save up to 50% by outsourcing with us.

Flexibility & Scalability

We can accommodate the ever changing needs of your firm, whether expanding or downsizing as your projects dictate. When you choose us, we can provide back-office services on a per-project basis or give you your own dedicated team of specially-selected architects, engineers and operators.

Recruiting and Hiring

The Philippines has a large pool of highly skilled and certified engineers, architects, draftsman and operators. If you have specialized requests, we will hire the staff based on your requirements with a transparent vetting system that allows you to hand pick your team throughout the hiring process.

Outsource Your Architectural Tasks With Us

Our Team

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John Wilkinson

John Wilkinson

3D Rendering Specialist

Architect Outsourcing is one of my first ventures in the architecture and design industry. As a newbie fresh out of college, I love bringing new innovations and pushing the boundaries of 3D computer graphics every time we embark on a new project.

Heather Friedman

Heather Friedman

Certified Architect

Architect engineer and now one of the senior architects of Architect Outsourcing. I possess skills and experience in different fields of architectural design on top of interior design interests.

Geoffrey  Langley

Geoffrey Langley

Team Leader

Over time, my teams and I have successfully scaled challenges schedule- and budget-wise to continue delivering outstanding results to our clients. The talent, dedication, and passion behind each endeavor is outstanding!

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Terrence Hannam

Project Manager

Australia: +61 3 8376 6284

Philippines: +63 920-666-2062