Monthly Archives: November 2018

Designing Retail Space For Buyers

Even though the retail industry seems to be shifting more and more towards being internet based, 4 out 5 people still enjoy shopping at brick and mortar stores. Retailers need to invest time and resources when designing their retail space in order to attract as many potential buyers as possible. Customers are creatures of habit […]

California Wildfires Consume Architectural Landmarks

It is the middle of fall and California continues to get overwhelmed by wildfires. In November alone there has already been four confirmed wildfires that have consumed at least 1,000 acres of land and three of which that are yet to be contained. These fires alone have already accounted for the loss of at least […]

Offsite Prefabrication Increases As Construction Workforce Decreases

As the workforce shifts from baby boomers to a millennial generation majority it is putting the AEC industry in a dilemma. While the demand for construction projects continue to increase each year, contractors are struggling to find the necessary manpower. With all of the advancements in technology it has appeared to have left a void […]